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The scientific name for the round lobed hepatica has gone through many changes. Some of the other names are listed here: Hepatica triloba var. americana, Anemone americana, Anemone hepatica.

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Hepatica americana, round lobed hepatica, is a native herbaceous perennial plant that has leaves that persists over winter. It is a low growing plant in the woodlands that blooms in early spring.


The light blue to lavender to pink to white flowers are about a half inch to a inch across.

The number of petal-like sepals is variable, about 6-10 but usually 6. Petals are absent. Behind the sepals are 3 large hairy bracts. The single flower forms on the end of an upright slender hairy stalk that is about 3 inches tall.

The first photo is a close up of the flower. The next is an old flower and the sepals have fallen off and one can see the hairy bracts. The next photo is a white flower.

Hepatica americana - Round Lobed Hepatica - Flower close up Hepatica americana - Round Lobed Hepatica -  Older flower, petals fallen off, see hairy bracts Hepatica americana - Round Lobed Hepatica -  White flower

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Leaves and growth habit

The round lobed hepatica leaves have a distinctive shape with 3 lobes and form a basal rosette. Note that the lobe tips are rounded. They are maroonish green after the winter. The new leaves form after flowering. Similar to this plant is the sharp lobed hepatica (Hepatica nobilis var. acuta) where the lobe tips are sharp.

Hepatica americana - Round Lobed Hepatica - Leaves are distinctive shape and are greenish brown from over wintering

All photos by H & M Ling, 4/29/2015, Washington Valley Park, Bridgewater, NJ

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Additional information

Additional information / references:

The USDA site gives all the scientific names as well as the usual information: http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=HENOO

Minnesota Wildflowers has good descriptions of the plant parts: https://www.minnesotawildflowers.info/flower/round-lobed-hepatica

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