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This website is a new website dedicate to Native Plants. It focuses on 'Plant Profiles & Photos' These files were originally on the Native Plant Society of New Jersey website (www.NPSNJ.org) and have been moved here. Please note our URL. Also at this point it will focus on native plants of NJ

The goal of the 'Plant Profiles & Photos' section is to present photos of native plant flowers, other parts of the plant, close-ups, some botanical information, and some identification aids.
Some plants will have more information than others. 

We want to impress how beautiful, how amazing and how important plants are.  

Pyrola americana - Round leaf pyrola

Pyrola Americana - Round leaf pyrola You can still find this plant in the winter in the woods. Did you know this plant utilizes buzz pollination and myco-heterotrophy? Learn how these plants survive growing in the shade and how they are pollinated in the summer. Read more. Also See our Summer Plant Profiles & Photos

Michella repens - Partridgeberry

Mitchella repens  partridgeberry Here is another plant that is green in the winter. Come back and see them in the spring when they are flowering. Did you know that this plant has two types of flowers? Read more. Also See our Spring Plant Profiles & Photos

Visit our Plant Profiles & Photos section for photos of not only the beautiful flowers but also their parts and what makes them work.

Why all the fuss about Native Plants?
What are they and why they are important?. Get the definitions and why they are important and how to find out if a plant is native or not: Click Here
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Redbud in bloom Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis

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