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Calopogon tuberosa, Grass Pink Orchid, is a native herbaceous perennial plant. It blooms in June, July.


The beautiful pinkish flowers are about 1-2 inches. It has 3 sepals and 3 petals. One petal is highly modified and is the ornate lip. The structure is inverted with the lip on the top instead of the bottom (see pogonia_ophioglossoides.html). Multiple flowers form at the top of the erect long unbranching stem that is about 1-2 feet tall.

Calopogon tuberosa - Grass Pink Orchid - Flower cluster, infloresence

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Growth habit

Calopogon tuberosa grows in bogs, swamps, edges of wetlands.

Calopogon tuberosa - Grass Pink Orchid narrow grass-like basal leaves

All photos by H & M Ling, 6/29/2015, Pinebarrens, NJ

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Additional information

Additional information / references:

The USDA website shows wide distribution for Calopogon tuberosa in the US and into Canada. However, in some states, it is limited to few counties. It is considered threatened/endangered in some states but not New Jersey:


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